The Inside Scoop on ThermiVa

by Kathryn George, MD

What is ThermiVa

You may have heard about Vaginal Rejuvenation (ThermiVa) in the news, as a new procedure touted as a cosmetic fix. As a medical doctor, I treat patients with ThermiVa from a health and wellness perspective.

ThermiVa is opening up the doors for women to address topics that affect their overall quality of life, their sex life, and therefore even their marriages, relationships, and self-image. With ThermiVa, women now have a surgery-free way to address stress incontinence, painful sex, orgasm quality, vaginal tightness, and labial appearance. ThermiVa is an exciting surgery-free option and now women are starting to have open conversations about these topics. You no longer need to suffer in silence.

Benefits of ThermiVa

ThermiVa restores what I call “Vaginal Vitality.” In addition to the cosmetic benefits, the procedure:

  • Treats Stress Incontinence without Surgery or Mesh
  • Restores Natural Lubrication without Hormones or Creams
  • Alleviates Pain During Intimacy often associated with Menopause by restoring Vaginal Wall Thickness
  • Restores Vaginal Tightness often associated with Childbirth or Aging
  • Restores Collagen Lift to Outer Labia and Tightness to Inner Labia
  • Enhances Orgasms

As a medical doctor, when I perform the ThermiVa procedure, my patients have the added benefit of my gynecological expertise—so if I see a medical concern (for example, a polyp), we’ll discuss it before, during, or after the procedure.

ThermiVa Collagen Remodeling Works, Plus Added Benefits

Collagen remodeling strengthens the structural support columns of the vaginal complex, supports the urethra, and improves the integrity of the tissue within the labia. If you’ve ever been concerned about urinary incontinence (leakage), or not feeling “tight,” the procedure can help. An additional benefit of ThermiVa is that because thermal energy is stimulates the nervous tissue of the clitoris, it can lead to enhanced orgasms and a greater sensation during intimacy. Better sex—what’s not to like?

What is the ThermiVa Process?

ThermiVa treatments are performed as a series of three treatments, each approximately one month apart. All are done in an office setting with no anesthesia. While benefits may be seen after one treatment, a series of three are needed for optimum results. An annual maintenance treatment of one session is needed to maintain results.

Patient Results

Patients couldn’t be more satisfied. The pictures, stories, Yelp reviews, RealSelf reviews say it all. Patients’ partners sometimes call in to the office or write reviews with the clients and the enthusiasm is infectious. As Dr. Lancer, the Kardashian’s doctor in California quoted so well, “ThermiVa has the BFF referral program – it is definitely the type of treatment that once a woman has experienced it, she cannot wait to tell all of her girlfriends. And then they all have it done.” My own patients’ experience has been incredible – they say they can work out without worrying about leaking urine; clients say they can have intercourse after being abstinent for years because of pain; women are saying they are no longer insecure with how they look in front of their partners; some have said orgasms are like they were in their 20s.

ThermiVa Technology: The Magic Wand

ThermiVa WandThermiVa is a state-of-the-art, computerized radio-frequency treatment that uses a probe to help tighten tissue and strengthen structural support inside the vagina and within the labia. The procedure is non-surgical, minimally invasive, painless, and there is no downtime. Applying thermal energy has become the standard for promoting collagen remodeling.

The ThermiVa Machine

The ThermiVa rejuvenation procedure involves the use of a small radiofrequency energy applicator wand – similar in shape and size to a pinky finger – which is used to provide precisely controlled heat to the treatment area to strengthen and tighten the vaginal and labial tissues.



Get Fresh Faced For Fall!

Are you ready to turn back the clock? Noticing unattractive wrinkles and fine lines?
If you’re tired of the aging look of your skin, or other issues that need skin rejuvenation, then the latest in laser technology may be the solution you’re looking for.

Vada Spa now offers PicoSure Skin Rejuvenation, a safe, effective and fast treatment that goes a step beyond existing laser technology.

What is PicoSure?

PicoSure – or the PicoSure Lens Array system – is the very latest skin rejuvenation system. Thanks to the incredible speed of the Picosure laser, a powerful beam of light is able to penetrate the outer layers of the dermis, the thick layer of living tissue below the epidermis that forms your true skin. The laser energy destroys the problem areas of the skin, ultimately removing undesirable pigment.

What Does It Treat?

The PicoSure system safely treats acne and acne scars, sun damage, freckles, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, wrinkles and smoker lines around the mouth. It produces younger-looking skin without facial changes, and can also be used on other parts of the body, including the hands, arms, chest, neck and legs.

How Does It Work?

Lasers have been proven to be the most effective treatment option for skin rejuvenation. PicoSure uses a FOCUS lens the emits a microscopic pulse that stimulates your skin’s natural collagen and rejuvenates skin cells below the surface.

Why Use PicoSure Treatment?

PicoSure stimulates a non-traumatic tissue healing response which produces better results, shorter downtime, and higher safety for the skin. Other rejuvenation procedures, such as face lifts, fillers and toxins typically involve extended downtime, greater risks and side-effects. After a PicoSure treatment, there is only a mild redness left on the treated area that goes away in the matter of hours. It’s the perfect solution for people who want their skin to look younger without a ‘plastic’ look, as well as those who don’t want a long recovery time.

Does It Hurt?

You may experience mild, slight discomfort during the procedure, but cool air is blown on the skin to lessen pain and swelling.

How Long Will Rejuvenated Skin Last?

There are many factors which can determine how long skin clarity lasts, including lifestyle, sun exposure, smoking, tanning and sun protection habits. But with proper care, results can be long lasting.

If you think PicoSure treatments might be for you, contact the Vada Spa in New York City to set up a free consultation.

Vada Spa Introduces PicoSure Tattoo Removal Service

Now New Yorkers can say goodbye to unwanted tattoos with advanced PicoSure laser tattoo removal technology.

Perhaps you have a tattoo that you are embarrassed of or you simply regret your decision to get a tattoo and no longer want it on your body. You can easily get your unwanted tattoo removed with laser tattoo removal. PicoSure is the latest laser when it comes to tattoo removal, utilizing advanced technology that is both safe and extremely efficient, PicoSure utilizes pulses of laser lights. During this treatment, the tattoo ink absorbs the super fast wavelength, shattering the ink into tiny pieces, which is then eliminated by your body.

The PicoSure laser targets all colors of tattoo ink, including varying shades of greens and blues. This is exciting because these colors have traditionally proven to be difficult to remove using other methods of tattoo removal. PicoSure has also been found to be effective for removing traces of tattoos that were not completely removed by other modes of tattoo removal.

While previous laser removal treatments required 10 to 20 sessions, PicoSure requires significantly fewer number of sessions. This is due to the fact that the tattoo ink is broken into much smaller pieces with PicoSure than with other laser tattoo removal options. These smaller pieces of ink are more quickly eliminated from your body. Tattoos made from colored inks generally only take three to six sessions and those with saturated black ink requires four to eight sessions on average.

Tattoo removal with PicoSure is less painful than other methods, with fewer sessions required –  less required laser removal sessions equate to less pain when it comes to removing your unwanted tattoo.

When it comes to laser tattoo removal NYC, faster, more effective results is what you want! Make sure to contact us at for a free consultation and get that unwanted tattoo removed in no time!

End of Year 2014, Hello 2015!

What can we say about 2014, we had our struggles and challenges. We said good bye to Oksana and Alley and wish them lots of luck and success in all of their future endeavors. Overall 2014 was not a bad year. Thank you, to all of our staff, you make Vada Spa what it is and what it will be. Of-course, our customers are always our number one focus we exist because of you and you alone. Thank you, you to everyone for your support and we look forward to a great and wonderful 2015 !!!

Vada Fun Designs for YOUR Nails

We are all individuals and we are all beautiful.   Share that individuality and show it with your nails, at Vada.

Whether you are cool, hip, hot, glamorous, mysterious, funny, or just fill in your own adjective, let Vada show it through your nails.

Chocolate, Oh My!

Valentines Day is our favorite time of year BECAUSE  Love IS we what live for!

At Vada, making people feel sexy and beautiful is our passion.

So for Valentines Day we have added some wonderfully sexy new products.

    Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac.  But that is not why we use Chocolate in our wax.  The cocoa seed extract that is formulated in the wax acts as an anti-inflammatory agent making waxing less painful with less redness and rash.  The Chocolate wax is made from natural ingredients such as cocoa, soybean oil, almond oil, glycerin and vitamins.   Natural, smooth, beautiful and sexy; Chocolate wax is here only for a limited time.  We wholeheartedly recommend using our new chocolate wax for your next Brazilian or Bikini wax service.

Chocolate in our massage oil and scrub is another touch that will make you feel sexy and delicious especially for that special someone.   The cocoa in the oil will relax you while our technicians work out your knots and kinks.   After a massage with our new chocolate oils you will feel rejuvenated and fulfilled without the guilt of added calories.

Right now you can request our Chocolate Wax with any wax service it will be the same price as our sensitive wax.   You can also request Chocolate massage oil with any massage service.   Below are some services with our Chocolate products:

  1. Sweet Indulgence Pedicure
  2. Chocolate Manicure and Pedicure
  3. Sealed with a Kiss Couples Package
  4. Brazilian with Chocolate Wax
  5. Chocolate Mouse Body Wrap
  6. Chocolate Wrap Relax
  7. Swedish Massage with Chocolate or Strawberry Rose oil

Try our Chocolate Mouse Body Wrap This wrap is the ultimate treat for both the mind and body.  Imagine yourself totally immersed in a fat free chocolate indulgence that actually produces a slimming effect on the body.  This appetizing wrap will tighten, smooth, contour, and pull toxins and impurities from your body.   This wrap will leave you with a body that is slimmer and healthier.

chocolate heart


Summer Skin is Bare Skin

Everyone knows that in the hot hot heat of summer the appearance of clothes lessens. With the exposure of more skin, those unwanted hairs really seem to stick out. There’s nothing worse than realizing, while sitting on the beach, that you missed a spot shaving.

That’s where Vada Spa can help. We offer the best services for both waxing and laser hair removal. Vada Spa offers the Elite MPX laser to remove even the most difficult hairs, while the waxes range from lavender soft wax for sensitive skin to a less painful hard wax.

The choice is in the hands of the customer and both offer really great success at hair removal. The pros and cons of both have a vast range. Waxing is cheaper, but over time you have to keep going back. Laser removal is permanent after it’s done, but the cost is heftier. One thing is for sure, no one wants to be looking like a Yeti on the beach, so the time comes to make a choice.


This is not a look you want for your beach body.

Waxing has been the choice of the past, but with new technology comes new hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal is permanent which means no hassle or remembering to pick up razors, shaving cream, or no dragging yourself to a salon every so often. Since it is permanent, it is a big decision, one of the biggest hair decisions you’ll ever make.

Unlike Miley’s cropped locks, the lasered off hair has no chance of returning.

The good thing about both is that each helps major unwanted hair. They can both help to make sure your skin is as bare and smooth as any celebrity’s. The summer is almost half way over and in order to enjoy it to the fullest, you have to strut your stuff on the beach. Head on into Vada Spa and choose one of our great hair removal techniques.


How Do You Earn Your Breaks?

More so than in any other place in the world, the people of New York City are always on the move. For some of us, it’s just our speed; others of us are dreaming of a slower pace. Love it or hate it, though, there comes a point where you just have to slam on the brakes and say, “ENOUGH!

Maybe it’s work that’s got you this busy. You worked through lunch three days this week trying to finish off a big project that your job depends on. Your computer is making that weird noise again and have to sit there and watch while Dave from tech support takes another look at it. When the day finally ends, all you have the energy to think about is browsing Reddit until it’s time for bed.

Maybe it’s home life. After all, we all know that’s not always as relaxing as we’d like it to be:

Convos with my 2-Year-Old

Or maybe it’s just all those little things that build up. Maybe your alarm clock never went off and you had to skip breakfast. Maybe the doors on the E train closed right in your face after you sprinted in heels to catch it. Maybe your usual coffee place mixed up your order and some other random person is drinking the iced mocha latte that should have been yours.

Whatever your week looks like, we’re willing to bet you can use a break. Leave that to us– undoing bad days is our specialty!

We know stress wears us out psychologically, but it’s much more than mental fatigue. Over time stress shows itself more and more physically as well, building up in your muscles and causing discomfort that can lead to injury. So that coffee you spilled on your new blazer is more than just a mild annoyance– you carry it around with you wherever you go. The remedy? A Vada Spa massage. Time to knead out your stressful week so that next week will be that much better. Relax with us!

Living in New York can be taxing. So whether you’re a long-time resident here or you’re only taking your first bite of the Big Apple, don’t forget to take that break! After all– living in the city that never sleeps doesn’t mean you can’t rest once in a while!

WAXING VS LASER hair removal

 Waxing Vs. Laser Hair Removal
At Vada Spa, we offer both waxing and laser hair removal treatments for our clients. Whatever your preference, we at Vada, a New York City Day Spa, are able to accommodate your needs, whether you opt for laser hair treatment or Brazilian hair removal! 
In order to make an informed decision between waxing and laser hair removal, here is some information that may help smoothen your procedure.
Blogger Lizz Shepherd of DailyGlow, lays out the pros and cons between the two methods of hair removal.
A waxing procedure is a painful method of hair removal that lasts longer than your average shave. Waxing will prevent unwanted hair from growing for several weeks, but you will find yourself back in the spa in a month or two to wax it all off again.
Laser hair removal is also painful, but is a considerably more permanent alternative to waxing. When a client chooses to undergo a laser hair removal procedure, he or she should expect four to six sessions over a few weeks that will greatly diminish hair growth permanently. You can expect 80 percent of your hair to be gone in weeks.
Inline image 4
At Vada, we use the Elite MPX laser, the newest in the Cynosure Elite laser line. The Elite MPX laser allows us to tailor our sessions specifically to your needs, and still be cost and time effective! It is designed for all skin types and can treat almost everybody.
For more information about Vada’s laser hair removal treatment, visit Vada, the best day spa in NYC‘s website to choose the hair removal method that best suits your needs. 
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