WAXING VS LASER hair removal

 Waxing Vs. Laser Hair Removal
At Vada Spa, we offer both waxing and laser hair removal treatments for our clients. Whatever your preference, we at Vada, a New York City Day Spa, are able to accommodate your needs, whether you opt for laser hair treatment or Brazilian hair removal! 
In order to make an informed decision between waxing and laser hair removal, here is some information that may help smoothen your procedure.
Blogger Lizz Shepherd of DailyGlow, lays out the pros and cons between the two methods of hair removal.
A waxing procedure is a painful method of hair removal that lasts longer than your average shave. Waxing will prevent unwanted hair from growing for several weeks, but you will find yourself back in the spa in a month or two to wax it all off again.
Laser hair removal is also painful, but is a considerably more permanent alternative to waxing. When a client chooses to undergo a laser hair removal procedure, he or she should expect four to six sessions over a few weeks that will greatly diminish hair growth permanently. You can expect 80 percent of your hair to be gone in weeks.
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At Vada, we use the Elite MPX laser, the newest in the Cynosure Elite laser line. The Elite MPX laser allows us to tailor our sessions specifically to your needs, and still be cost and time effective! It is designed for all skin types and can treat almost everybody.
For more information about Vada’s laser hair removal treatment, visit Vada, the best day spa in NYC‘s website to choose the hair removal method that best suits your needs. 
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