Tattoo Removal

How Does PicoSure™ Work?

PicoSure™ uses photomechanical PressureWave technology, which is capable of shattering even the smallest targeted ink particles.

The laser’s ultra-short pulse duration creates an intense impact, breaking up the tattoo ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated from your body. Additionally, the width of the picosecond pulse is 100 times shorter than a nanosecond laser, enabling more precision and clearance than ever before.

All of these advancements allow PicoSure™ to remove tattoos in fewer treatments, and without harm to the surrounding tissue. If you have a tattoo you want to remove, call us today at (212) 206-1572 to schedule a laser tattoo removal consultation.

What is PicoSure™ Work?

The number of treatments you will need to fully remove your tattoo will depend on a number of factors, including:

PicoSure is a revolutionary tattoo removal laser; According to Michael Davin, CEO of PicoSure (made by CynoSure), PicoSure is the only fully FDA-approved tattoo removal device that is capable of pulsating energy to the skin in trillionths of a second with both a 755 and a 532 wavelength technology. PicoSure utilizes PressureWave technology that shatters ink into particles that are 100 times smaller than the majority of tattoo removal lasers. The ink is then encapsulated and eliminated through the lymphatic system. The results are clearer skin, in fewer treatments, without damaging the surrounding area!

PicoSure is a significant development for those who have spent both time and money on tattoo removal, only to give up after being witness to the poor result of these tattoos that just won’t seem to go away!

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