Laser Hair Removal

For many, laser hair removal is the most effective method of hair removal. All skin types can effectively be treated using our state of the art medical grade lasers, with both an Alexandrite and YAG wavelengths our lasers are the most advanced and effective for hair removal and hair control available.

Feel free to ask us about our pain free laser hair removal option.

Areola Laser

Underarm Laser

Full Face Laser

Brazilian Laser

Happy Trail Laser

Half Arm Laser

Lower Back Laser

Full Stomach

Full Arm Laser

Full Leg Laser

Half Leg Laser

Brazilian for MEN (male genatalia) Laser

Full Arm with Underarm Laser

Buttocks Laser

Chest & Full Stomach Laser

Back Neck & Shoulders Laser

Full Leg with Bikini Laser

Laser upper leg with Brazilian

Full Leg with Brazilian Bikini Laser

Full Body Laser

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