Look sexy, don’t be embarrassed!

Summer is somewhat here and once again our bodies will be all out for the world to see. So go ahead take that shirt off and visit your local beach, pool or roof top. Take some sun! But first make sure that your body looks good and ready. Vada is here for just that! Don’t let some embarrassing hair growth keep you from the fun. Visit Vada and see the many many different ways we can make you look and feel confident and ready to display your body for the many admirers you are sure to have.

At Vada we are making it easy and affordable. whether you prefer waxing with our special hard wax or go for the permanent laser hair removal solution, Vada is here, ready and willing to be there for whatever you need. Once the hair is gone, it’ll be our little secret, at Vada we make it easy to be sexy, especially now!

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