Healing From The Inside Out

By Angela Khaimova

We all know what to do if we cut ourselves; we go and get a band-aid. If we pull our back or strain a muscle, we get a massage. But what happens if you just feel off? What if we feel sluggish or can’t put a finger on what exactly ails us. The stresses and tolls of life in New York City are extremely demanding and over time create conflicts and disharmony in our body from within. We may not see this damage, yet the disruption to our life is real and intensifies with time. I have found the following three alternative approaches very successful in treating what normal medicine, and standard therapy may not.

Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Therapy is a form of vibrational, energetic and harmonic healing. Our bodies function best when there is harmony, resonance and balance. As our hearts beat and our lungs regulate breath, our organs work in mutual support and resonance with each other.

Imbalance, or disharmonies, along the body’s energetic pathways create a whole host of issues for us to contend with, everything from various diseases to feelings of sluggishness or feeling “off”. These pathways (meridians) of energy can be accessed therapeutically through touch and sound to relieve some chronic conditions. The healing modality draws heavily on some of the principals of Oriental Medicine.

By utilizing a unique set of tools that deliver specific frequencies and create musical intervals tuned to the orbital properties of the Earth, moon, sun and planets. Each musical combination or interval has its own unique energetic healing property. Applying these intervals directly on acupuncture and acupressure point combinations, as well as trigger points, chakras, and in the etheric field, yields a sense of wholeness, mental clarity and physical well-being.

Depending on individual needs, various Tibetans Bowls, Tinchas, variety of Tuning forks, bells and drums are used for this therapy.

Sound Healing has been used effectively to treat various medical conditions, spiritual awakening and growth, heightening energy and awareness, as well as transitions in life.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is an ancient system of soul, mind and body healing. The word “Shaman” means medicine man.

Whenever we experience trauma (car accident, surgery, a broken heart, loss of kin, military life, etc) a part of our consciousness separates from us in order to survive the experience. This sudden sharp loss recycles itself in time as a focused memory sapping energy each time a similar event occurs. This leads to possible chronic depression, lack of spirit, a feeling of disconnection or of something being “missing.”

A recovery session will enable the integration and complete empowerment of the Awakened Self. The fragmented individual begins to become one and moves toward completeness of the self.


Reiki healing sessions provide deep relaxation and emotional balance. Divine life-force energy is brought to you through the light touch over your clothes.

Reiki can help relieve pain, enhance creativity and increase one’s spiritual growth. It raises the vibration of the aura and the field around every living thing. It allows the practitioner and the client to “still” the mind and transfer divine life energy to the part of your being that needs it most.

When all else has failed and traditional approaches to healing or attaining solutions have been exhausted, many have found these alternative methods to be their answer.

For more information on whether an alternative healing approach is right for you please contact VADA and make an appointment to speak with our alternative healers.

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