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Summer Skin is Bare Skin

Everyone knows that in the hot hot heat of summer the appearance of clothes lessens. With the exposure of more skin, those unwanted hairs really seem to stick out. There’s nothing worse than realizing, while sitting on the beach, that you missed a spot shaving.

That’s where Vada Spa can help. We offer the best services for both waxing and laser hair removal. Vada Spa offers the Elite MPX laser to remove even the most difficult hairs, while the waxes range from lavender soft wax for sensitive skin to a less painful hard wax.

The choice is in the hands of the customer and both offer really great success at hair removal. The pros and cons of both have a vast range. Waxing is cheaper, but over time you have to keep going back. Laser removal is permanent after it’s done, but the cost is heftier. One thing is for sure, no one wants to be looking like a Yeti on the beach, so the time comes to make a choice.


This is not a look you want for your beach body.

Waxing has been the choice of the past, but with new technology comes new hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal is permanent which means no hassle or remembering to pick up razors, shaving cream, or no dragging yourself to a salon every so often. Since it is permanent, it is a big decision, one of the biggest hair decisions you’ll ever make.

Unlike Miley’s cropped locks, the lasered off hair has no chance of returning.

The good thing about both is that each helps major unwanted hair. They can both help to make sure your skin is as bare and smooth as any celebrity’s. The summer is almost half way over and in order to enjoy it to the fullest, you have to strut your stuff on the beach. Head on into Vada Spa and choose one of our great hair removal techniques.


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