Rejuvenate Your Skin this Fall


     As your skin soaks up the beautiful rays of sunshine all summer long, it is left craving rejuvenation during the cooler fall season. There is nothing like the rewards of moisturizing to rid away the inevitable dry skin to come. Take a day off and head over to New York City’s top day spa Vada Spa and Laser Center for a luxurious skin rejuvenating treatment.

Until November 30, guests at the day spa will receive 30 percent off when they put in “easyautumn” at the checkout. This discount applies to the spa’s Autumn Package, including a 60 minute Swedish massage, manicure & pedicure with cranberry scrub, and a complimentary glass of white or red wine.

The last thing that you want is to greet a fellow friend with a handshake with tremendously dry skin. The fact remains that dry skin is not only unappealing, but incredibly uncomfortable as well, causing irritation and pain. While daily moisturizing will take care of minor dryness, it is essential to provide deep hydration to the skin with a treatment at this NYC day spa.

The Autumn Package at this NYC day spa is a soothing experience for both the hands and feet. Starting with a cranberry scrub lets the skin exfoliate, riding itself of pollutants. Once the exfoliation is complete a mask is applied to hydrate and moisturize the skin, bringing out a new glow! Once the treatment is complete you will leave with smooth, silky and completely rejuvenated hands and feet.

Give your hands and feet a break so you can feel good about your skin. Pick up this great Autumn Package Special at premier NYC day spa Vada Spa and Laser Center today!

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