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teeth whitening session

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Teeth whitening is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures opted by people all over the world. The Vada White Pearl system is the latest in spa teeth whitening technology. Dentists in Europe specifically developed White Pearl for spa use and White Pearl is FDA approved. Teeth whitening has been clinically proven to be safe and effective for everyone, unless you are pregnant or a nursing woman. Our Vada teeth whitening is a self-administered cosmetic teeth whitening system. This procedure is ideal for removing stains caused by coffee, cola, red wine, and smoking amongst others. The whitening process is concentrated on the “smile” teeth; these are teeth that are visible when you smile. The molars and back teeth are not affected. The White Pearl system effectively removes teeth stains to leave a radiant white smile with teeth 3-10 shades whiter in just 10-20 minutes. This procedure is pain free, although hot and cold foods/drinks should be avoided for a few hours after the treatment. Smoking or any drink/food that can stain the teeth should be avoided for at least 24hours after the treatment (red wine, tomato sauce…etc). It is our suggestion to come 2-3 times a year for maintenance. Please note, in regards to caps and veneers the Vada White Pearl system removes the surface stains and restores the original cap/veneer color. If you plan to have work done, it is best to do the teeth whitening first so a dentist can match the whiter teeth.

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