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Laser Hair Removal

Vada Spa uses only the latest laser equipment to provide its laser hair removal services.

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All of our technicians have years of experience and have performed thousands of hair removal procedures on every part of the body.

Our Services

Aureola Laser$45.00 Purchase

Underarm Laser$49.00 Purchase

Chin Laser$45.00 Purchase

Lip Laser$45.00 Purchase

Ears Laser$49.00 Purchase

Sideburns Laser$49.00 Purchase

Happy Trail Laser$49.00 Purchase

Half Arm Laser$99.00 Purchase

Lower Back Laser$99.00 Purchase

Bikini laser$99.00 Purchase

Full Face Laser$125.00 Purchase

Full Arm Laser$125.00 Purchase

Half Leg Laser$125.00 Purchase

Full Face & Neck Laser$150.00 Purchase

Brazilian Laser$135.00 Purchase

Brazilian for MEN (male genatalia) Laser$149.00 Purchase

Chest & Full Stomach Laser$199.00 Purchase

Full Arm with Underarm Laser$150.00 Purchase

Full Leg with Bikini Laser$199.00 Purchase

Back Neck & Shoulders Laser$199.00 Purchase

Full Leg with Brazilian Bikini Laser$249.00 Purchase

Full Body Laser$499.00 Purchase