How Do You Earn Your Breaks?

More so than in any other place in the world, the people of New York City are always on the move. For some of us, it’s just our speed; others of us are dreaming of a slower pace. Love it or hate it, though, there comes a point where you just have to slam on the brakes and say, “ENOUGH!

Maybe it’s work that’s got you this busy. You worked through lunch three days this week trying to finish off a big project that your job depends on. Your computer is making that weird noise again and have to sit there and watch while Dave from tech support takes another look at it. When the day finally ends, all you have the energy to think about is browsing Reddit until it’s time for bed.

Maybe it’s home life. After all, we all know that’s not always as relaxing as we’d like it to be:

Convos with my 2-Year-Old

Or maybe it’s just all those little things that build up. Maybe your alarm clock never went off and you had to skip breakfast. Maybe the doors on the E train closed right in your face after you sprinted in heels to catch it. Maybe your usual coffee place mixed up your order and some other random person is drinking the iced mocha latte that should have been yours.

Whatever your week looks like, we’re willing to bet you can use a break. Leave that to us– undoing bad days is our specialty!

We know stress wears us out psychologically, but it’s much more than mental fatigue. Over time stress shows itself more and more physically as well, building up in your muscles and causing discomfort that can lead to injury. So that coffee you spilled on your new blazer is more than just a mild annoyance– you carry it around with you wherever you go. The remedy? A Vada Spa massage. Time to knead out your stressful week so that next week will be that much better. Relax with us!

Living in New York can be taxing. So whether you’re a long-time resident here or you’re only taking your first bite of the Big Apple, don’t forget to take that break! After all– living in the city that never sleeps doesn’t mean you can’t rest once in a while!

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