Q. Is my order safe?
Ans. Yes (you fill in….) your order is protected by the SSL houy. We are incripted with 16 different incrption houys…

Q. Can I order and pay for my services online?
Ans. Absolutely, many of our customers choose to pay for their orders online and then either call the spa (212-206-1572) or use the online booking service that is on our website to book their appointment.

Q. Can I book an appointment online and pay for the service at the time of the appointment?
Ans. You can absolutely book your appointment online and then pay for the service at the time of your appointment.

Q. Do I need to book an appointment online if I purchase the service online?
Ans. Once you purchase your service online you can then go ahead and make your appointment online or contact the spa directly (212-206-1572) and make your booking over the phone, either way the service has no expiration date and can be used anytime after purchase.

Q. Do purchases that I make online expire?
Ans. Online purchases never expire. You can make your appointment anytime or transfer the service to someone else.

Q. What is the next step after I make my online purchase?
Ans. After you have successfully purchased your order online you will receive an order number that is usually 4 digits in an email. All you will need is an identification and that order number to receive the service at the spa. Please contact the spa, either by phone (212-206-1572), email (info@vadaspa.com) or book your appointment online using our website.