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End of Year Party, Good Bye 2012, HELLO 2013!!!!

The year seemed to wiz by without much distinction.    We ran a fraction of daily deals, Groupons, and such.  We saw our Yelp ranking go down undeservingly and yet things were OK maybe even good.  Ira slaved and labored over some excellent food for everyone, ploff, salads, and other great creations she made all by herself for the party.  Thank you Ira for being such a great chef.  Mary made her potato manti which were very delicious as well.

Thank you to all of our employees for making Vada one of the better spas in the West Village.  Also our clients for whom we exist and are very happy to serve.  Thank you to everyone that works or goes to Vada Spa.

Good Bye 2012 and HELLO 2013, we are ready to make 2013 as easy as possible!!

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