End of Year 2009 Party at Vada!

Our Christmas party this year was as usual, a fun time for everyone,  I think.  There was lots of food, wine and Vodka (4 bottles of  vodka and 14 bottles of wine to be exact, but who’s counting).  The important thing is that everyone had fun or at least that is how they remembered it.  The pictures somewhat tell the story.

    This year we had Malvina, Liza, Delia and Ira make and bake their best and favorite dish for us.   All of their creations were delicious, but there can only be 1 winner.  Delia with her caramel, cherry, fluff and other stuff cake was clearly the winner.  There was not even enough to go around as it was gobbled up immediately, before it got to the table.  Second place went to Ira with her “Hanoom” (I think that is what you call it).  This was a dish that was part pasta, part meat, part red stuff but very delicious.

     We then had our secret santa same as last year and all went well.  By the time Samantha got her belly dancing on most of the bottles were finished.  Her moves and the vodka really loosened everyone up.  Soon the place was a jumping with pleasantly buzzed technicians, manicurists, facialists, and laser techs. 

At the end it was a fun night and everyone had stories the next day. 

Vada Spa would like to wish everyone A very happy and fruitful New Year for 2010 and


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