ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation

Product Description

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Top Benefits of ThermiVA® at Vada Spa

  • Improve sexual function
  • Increase sensitivity and sexual satisfaction
  • Enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vagina and labia
  • Tighten the vagina to increase sexual pleasure (for both partners)
  • Increase vaginal moisture
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles
  • Reduce pain during Intercourse
  • Reduce urinary leakage and urgency
  • Improve vaginal looseness
  • Increase sensitivity


I am still in awe with the results!

I have now finished all three of the ThermiVa treatments and am still in awe of the results I have gotten. I can’t believe all this has happened to me without the need for surgery and with treatments that were comfortable, felt actually good, and were totally relaxing. And having absolutely no downtime was great.

Brandy Merchant Dallas, TX

Dr. George is Top Notch!!!

I recently had my first ThermiVa treatment and it could not have been more comfortable or pleasant. As I have told anyone that has asked, it felt like a warm massage. The treatment was painless and the effects were noticeable within the first week. I had slight anxiety leading up to the procedure, but Dr. George is nothing short of amazing – her demeanor and bedside manner couldn’t have made me more confident. She is an OB/GYN, and that was extremely important to me since ThermiVa is a vaginal procedure. I do not live especially close to Summit, NJ, but it was well worth the drive and Dr. George made me feel extremely prepared in our conversations leading up to the treatment day. I would highly recommend the ThermiVa procedure with Dr. George – she is spectacular.

Marci S.

As a medical professional myself, I am very selective with the physicians I choose to see

I’m thrilled with my ThermiVa results by Dr. George and I’d like to share my ThermiVa journey with you. It begins with my search for a pill-free therapy to treat my overactive bladder issues. My search lead me to a treatment called ThermiVa which has shown to help with certain urinary symptoms as it stimulates collagen along the muscles of the bladder and vagina to strengthen and tighten. The primary indication for ThermiVa is vaginal rejuvenation (both inside and out). The bonus is that ThermiVa patients have also reported increased orgasm, lubrication, tightness, appearance, etc. The before and after pictures are what really sold me as the results are quite drastic. After researching, I realized that this procedure sounded like a win-win for me.

Eva E.

If you are looking for a Doctor who has patience and really cares, Dr. Kathryn George is the one to see

for Hormone Replacement Therapy and ThermiVa. First of all, I would just like to share how great I feel after starting HRT with Dr. Kathryn George. I’m 54 years old and haven’t felt like myself in years. I had lost energy, gained weight and haven’t slept well in a long time.

Dr. George sent me for bloodwork and after getting back my results she really took the time to explain everything to me. Dr. George is incredibly knowledgeable in this field. She had the pharmacy compound a cream for me that I apply every night. I must say that after 6 weeks of using this hormone replacement cream I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.

Donna A.